Belay / Carpet of a Crest 7" out now on Bomb the Twist / Kill Rock Stars
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Carpet of a Crest

Live Dates


Sat 7th - Bradford - 1 in 12 Club
Thurs 19th - York - Spread Eagle
Fri 20th - Leeds - Chunk
Sat 21st - Salford - The Crescent
Sun 22nd - Liverpool - Sound, Food & Drink
Thurs 26th - London - Power Lunches
Fri 27th - Bristol (venue TBC)
Sat 28th - Sheffield - Audacious Art Experiment


- ‘Like a slow Stooges - They're good!' - Mark E Smith (MOJO magazine)

- ‘Exhilarating, truly edgy & cleverly provocative. With heartfelt, precise and clever lyrics, the quartet balance weight and depth with accessibility and charm’ - 24 Our Music

- ‘Memorable melodies, riffs, breakdowns and progressive builds with heartfelt, precise and clever lyrics' - AFV

Esper Scout are an experimental rock band based in Leeds, UK, driven by empowering and characterful guitars and bass, passionate lyrical content and expressive, catchy drum rhythms which together create 'warm dynamic songs with dense textures and vibrant hooks' (Vibrations).

Their sound is curious, courageous, engaging and exciting, with songs and performances that drift through moods from lively to somber. The band's direct and focused attitude both live and in the studio leaves audiences drawn in, hooked and willingly shook up by the captivating four piece.

photo - Mark Knowles


For the most up to date information visit us on Facebook and Twitter / @esperscout


Cheers to Scott of Clue Records for putting us in his Independent Music News
list of bands to watch in 2015!


Being fans of Elliott Smith, Sleater Kinney, Bikini Kill, the Thermals, Marnie Stern, Quasi, Delta 5, The Raincoats, Deerhoof (and more!) for many years, we're chuffed to announce that the legendary label KILL ROCK STARS will be releasing Belay / Carpet of a Crest as a digital download in the USA in November.

Much gratitude to good friend Kelvin Knight of NMB / Delta 5 and Portia Sabin KRS. It's a dream come true to be associated with a label who many - ourselves included - keep in such high regard and has held such relevance, past and present. Look them up, unlike us they're seriously cool.

KRS founder Slim Moon's birthday is the day after mine too (Oct 14/15th); felt a nice tipping of the Libran scales this afternoon.

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New video for Carpet of a Crest directed by Jonathan White is here! Stream from YouTube above.
Filmed on Morecambe Bay with rogue dogs and windsurfers.


NEW MUSIC VIDEO alright! Our pals at 24OurMusic have released the first review for the Belay / Carpet of a Crest 7".

Pre-order the vinyl at (with artwork by Kirsty and Rebecca).

LINK: 24Our Music 'Belay' video and review -


Today being the 20th anniversary of his death @ChampionUpNorth asked me to write some words about Kurt Cobain.

When I go with my instincts, as I often do, and say 'yes' to things they always seem to prove themselves to be worthwhile in one way or another, but when I accepted the last-minute proposition on Thurs I didn't quite realise what fulfillment and relevance I would end up finding through it (so cheers for asking me guys!)


Artwork by Geraldine Greenwood / Geraldineartshop ('ave a look-see)


After a gig at the Packhorse last year Kelvin ex-Delta 5 very kindly liked us enough to pass our name on to David Icke's The People's Voice TV.

So we went down to see them in London a couple of weeks ago and even spotted David in the office. Really wanted to ask him about Oprah being a member of the Illuminati but seemed tied up fighting a war of words with the mainstream media. His son Gareth interviewed us though and wore a shirt with a drawing of Brian Blessed brawling a polar bear on (pretend I say 'Paul Collins Beat' instead of 'Phil'. Twuurp.)

17:45 - Belay (first time we played this outside our basement; risky bizniz)
26:05 - Interview (featuring K's proudest talent)
45:30 - Fires


Bit bizarre - Mark E Smith mentioned us in MOJO.
Me, Kirsty and Reb moved to Leeds a few years ago but that's moot! Sarah x


Last week we took a short trip to Germany and popped into the brilliant Berlin Guitars (loads of Hagstroms to choose from!)

Swallowing the Sun (acoustic) live at Berlin Guitars


Lou's spotted an article featured in the Guardian yesterday about events which inspired Gaps in the Border Fence... 'zdravstvuj' (hello), context!

"Veteran fans had what they called "Records on Ribs", Beatles tracks copied from illicit tape recordings and inscribed on to old X-ray plates - so children could listen to Can't Buy Me Love on Uncle Sergei's lungs..."

- Push to Fire Interview -


Find out why voodoo Lou will be 'crashing' America, future lyrical ticks and more details about what we're up to at the mo in Sarah's quick interview with ace blog Push to Fire LINK

- Music Liberation - Glastonbury Emerging Talent -


We made it to the last 120 of 8000 of the Glastonbury 2013 Emerging Talent list thanks to Music Liberation! This number will get whittled down to 8 over the coming weeks, but in the meantime check out the interview we had with them HERE

Kirsty: "It-s been a dream of mine for ages to tour with the Bloodhound Gang around Europe on their party bus. If we ever did we-d need to bring some ear defenders and eye mask for Lou. The girl-s gotta sleep... and a cycle helmet. Nobody wants Lou with a head-chill!"

- AntiMusic 'Singled Out' feature -


Sarah was asked by AntiMusic (in sunny California) to write a bit about Shed Some Light for their feature 'Singled Out' and it's been put online today HERE

"[we] formed our first band in my parents' garage, beginning our musical lives slap-bang in the middle of a rock n' roll cliche, except ours had a drum riser fashioned from cunningly acquired builders materials..."

- Oxjam interview -


"I’d be surprised if you any of us were to turn up to a gig one day with gold plated teeth, unless we fashioned something from Quality Street wrappers and an old gum shield from P.E..." LINK

- 24 Our Music -

'Exhilarating, truly edgy & cleverly provocative.'

- Vibrations Magazine -

'[Gaps in the Border Fence] is a sombre and serious epic indie.'

- NoTiTLE -

'There’s much to admire in the dreamy landscape that Esper Scout creates. They conjure up memorable melodies with effortless ease.'

- Leeds Music Scene live review by Rebecca Atkinson -

'The influence of bands like the Mars Volta is clear in their music but the vocal delivery makes them closer to Manchester favourites Oceansize. Comparisons to Warpaint also seem valid as the set goes all shoegazey at times with good dual vocals and clever breakdowns.'

- *AFV Magazine, Winter 2012 -

'[Esper Scout] execute their sound with perfection... great vocals and lyrics, precise and clever.'

- NoTiTLE -

'[Esper Scout] provide charisma, effortless wisecracks and plenty of dynamic moments. The personality role of each member was fulfilled to perfection without feeling forced, unlike glossy magazine interviews with more famous girl groups.'

Esper Scout